The Lizard was watching

'Let us remove the long-strained buttons from our eyes' - were the words of a US traveller, who didn't have a least notion about how to count Indian coins. His fiancee threw a smile. Both of them put on a great smile and outlandish clothes of teenagers. Their bodies were aflame with fragrance of US dollars and the alighted sun of noontide.

He was having a random ramble with her under the Sealdah flyover standing tall and crooked. All of a sudden, the fiancee pegged for a garland, commonly used by the pious Hindu ladies to bedeck their household deities.

The US lad purchased two circles of garlands @ Rs. 50 and the flower-seller hopefully managed her day's coins by kidding around a lot in Bengali. The US fiance thought he had been a superb bargainer.

There was a lizard throbbing on a bare tree-top, watching the great fun all around the city. He had come to draw some blessings from the kind veteran politician, Buddha. He had never seen him before, and that's why he was busy having a go.

The lizard had no money with him. To acclimate with the persons and places of Kolkata, he needed the honour of money, a very small amount of grey matter, a few missed calls and a provoked Ash. Nothing was had by him. So he was a bit down and depressed. He lamented aloud, but no one heard him cry. His throbbing went up when some wise eagles were discovered overhead soaring with salivary looks.

The lizard quickened his pace down the bones of the tree to hide his nudity. He presumed that the birds of Jove might have been part of this Kolkata. If they traced him out, he would have experienced a deep-throat.

The flower-seller was having a sly look all around lest she should lose contracts to sell on the bazaar if some businesswoman like her watched her compose the crime. There had been a tier of flower-sellers, and they were catching an afternoon wink.

The US lad and the US lass were still stumbling with certain footsteps that were shoed with the club drug of the previous night.

By the by, the lizard fell asleep to watch out a Kolkata citizen pass by. He looked busybodied, scratching his mobile to make a missed call to his witty dulcinea, who was a teacher and felt it embarrassed among the boorish students of colony. He missed the bodies by a mile.

The US lad and the US lass were seen selling their nudity and the happy lizard, who had a wish for the Buddha blessing, got ironed/de-pressed along with the white dhoti of Buddha.

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