Of a Promethean aspect...

(To the sufferers of Gujarat)

At last, I found the Miltonic Hero in Heaven, 

and bound him with a rope. He got raged, 
'Oh new-born Zeus! why do you cord me up? '
'Hold your tongue! cried this fire-eaten man, 
'With your stolen fire...
Look down the smouldering map -
Man sets his fireside on fire, 
What a sombre business! He bakes breads
of skin.... Sausage of human-beings
Being sold at a rock-bottom price! 
Fire, fire, all over the Promethean fire! '

...He broke down...
'Throttle me, ...' bewailed he, 'I imagined, 
It was the Hell! '
His tears - elixir of life, 
Softly ebbed the fire.......

This blazing heath laughs at my dream, 
Yes! I consider, a lie is the lie of all times.

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