"Hello... hello! We are calling from the XYZ morgue"

Somebodies in the last month came to draw the Indian tricolours
(with whiteboard marker).

Somebodies of the somebodies pricked up all the saffron, green and white
(with an eraser found in oblivion)

Now, an apartment of colour is still left to be bulldozed.
Its colour is unidentified and identity seems colourless to me

Me having the eyes of identifying blindness
Me having the hands of toppling rock
Me having the mind of spilling blood

Could you please tell me the way to the XYZ morgue?

Only my road-wrecked philosophy asserted,
the colour can't help challenging its nude blush

It's nude now.
Its everything gives me erection.
(No hard-on inside the morgue please!)

Then, may it be a new colour.
(*May it's got new name in its birth certificate, like...)
[or] "Discolour"
[or] "Colourless"
[or] "Colourlessness"
[or] "Discolourlessness"
(Could you please tell me the way to the XYZ morgue?)

Did that somebodies in the last year touch my feet?
Did that somebodies in the last flood lift dams after dikes

Who were the somebodies?
Were they really somebodies?
Which names would suit their identities and me of course?

The flag is swinging in the air,
rocking in the airlessness,
cradling in the airfulness.

Who offered it a blow?
Was it a blowful blow?
Was it a blowless blow?

Did that somebodies in the last year break my feet?
Did that somebodies in the last flood hoard dry food illegally?

A blow is still-unidentified,
but I'm sure, one hundred blows are identified.
(Could you please tell me the way to the XYZ morgue?)

Those Somebodies, who loved,
who loved to burn, to be burned, to be charred to ashes

Those Somebodies, who loved,
who loved themselves to be burned,
to be charred to unidentified ashes
(Could you please tell me the way to the XYZ morgue?)

"Burn, Saffron, burn!" said Colour
"Burn, Green, burn!" said Discolour
"Burn, Colourlessness, burn!" said Colourfulness
"Burn, Colourfulness, burn!" said Discolourlessness

Where is the apartment of XYZ morgue?
It is buried before getting buried.


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