Neighbours unwanted

… The date when the first dead body fell
on the household yard, in the household garden

… The date when an acute power cut took place
in the household, out in the shop

The neighbours didn’t feel a fire for seeking any reasons

I felt something strange...
a question with its wounded words

How are you?

Then, on the roads,
broke out frozen balls of ammunition, siren, and fire

Then, crept out
Blood, out of your hands and mixed with sweat and salt

I caught your frank fall with my armlessness,
and felt an erection
and smelt the perfume loud in between your thighs

Nine rounds of bullets went out in rage
Rifles shot a heavy gust

Women butchered
Children butchered
... in the bloodstained draught

I gave my patriotism a pat
And into my room myself dispatched

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