Play little, Pray more - Part I

I can't sleep a bit today. I couldn't have a wink last night too. The moment I try to catch some Z's, some horrible dreams break into my eyelids. These are the horrors of bloodshed and brutal retaliation that overarch my present fight with life.

Indian Premier League and Operation Green Hunt have been the talk of our town. Both the events (OGH and IPL) are in full swing. There is a magical relationship between the two. The first one beats bowlers mercilessly and the second one beats humans without pity. There is a simple trick. The weak players of the defeated team are ruled out from the team, and the weak players of the defeated human race are ruled out from life. The defeated come to know, at long last, that a trick is always tricky.

"...Operation Green Hunt is a genocidal campaign waged by the comprador Indian state against its own people, especially in the tribal regions of India. The imperialists and their lackeys say that Operation Green Hunt is to rid the country of the Naxalites, the Maoist guerrillas of India. However, the reality is that Operation Green Hunt is part of a long struggle by the imperialists and their agents to subdue the Indian masses.

The principal contradiction today is between the global city versus the global countryside, the First versus the Third World. The country of India, with the second largest population in the world, is one of the front lines of this struggle. It is a battle for two different futures. On the one hand, the imperialists and their lackeys strive to force India into their system of capitalist-imperialism, of globalization, of First World domination, of patriarchy, of ecological destruction. The imperialist road is one that places profits over people; it leaves the vast majority of India poor, powerless and destitute. On the other hand, the people of India seek a future that places people over profits. They seek development that benefits the vast majority, not a “development” at the expense of the vast majority. They seek a green, sustainable development, one that ensures the survival of future generations of Indians. They seek power for the masses, not for the compradors and the imperial world.

As imperialism wages its genocidal wars across the Third World, as fake so-called “Maoists,” First World revisionists, echo the U.S. State Department’s propaganda against those resisting US imperialism, it is more important than ever to uphold the broad united front against imperialism everywhere. MSH republishes a booklet against Operation Green Hunt from VRINTERNATIONALISTS as part of this struggle..." (Courtesy:

Let us play little, pray more.

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