Play little, Pray more - Part II

Wearing no shoes in a civilized state is a crime. They should wear a pair of shoes. They should put on well-fibred shirts and saris. The women are draped around by some scantiest pieces of cloth. They, I have heard, give birth to child. Where do they empty their offspring? In the jungle? Inside cottages? Or... in a far-off hospital? Can they be permitted to get admitted into the hospital?

Giving birth to child is another crime!

Forgetting the theory of love, forgetting the consequence of malnutrition, forgetting that the Government must cascade money for the welfare of the poorest of the poor people, who are the dark-skin unshod savage breed of India and are kept aside to retreat day by day - we are making them victims in our pages of critiques.

We the city-charmed people are least concerned about the dangerous fate that looms in the future. Our eyes get ensnared in the loop of the sensational phrase, "Operation Green Hunt" and stamp our signatures of development. When Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman raised his voice against the Centre's anti-naxal policy – Operation Green Hunt, we got another news to chip in. We prefer gossiping over his personal matters to OGH. We forget, anything "anti-" refers, after all, to "anti-". The anti-naxal policy is an anti-human policy indeed. It is our fashion to wield our verdict of “calling them Maoists” against the people who are labelled impoverished from womb to tomb.

I fear that the world would break into pieces, still in those pieces, some will be stronger, and strength will defeat weakness. The Maoists(?) may be wiped out, still dormant anger and angst will always be there if the dreadful economic imbalance persists. Our anti-human laws and savage economic system have dehumanized them.


gael lynch said...

I haven't stopped by to view your blog for quite a while, Dibakar. What a wonderful writer you are. I just want you to know that there are those of us in the universe out here who see these people too, but in different circumstances here for sure. They are the truly invisible, though, in any society. And that is our shame as a generation inhabiting this planet.

I, too, am a teacher. What age do you teach?

Uncommon Sense said...

i belive the world runs on economics, and its the problem and the solution both in itself...

there is not much difference between the imperialist and the maoist. they both are struggling for power.. If the maoists win they would become imperialist.. there aint much difference...

Dew drops said...

No doubt your writing is wonderful but I am specific about this writing. I am not going to complain about your art of writing. But what I want to point out is that, you truly do not know what are Maoists and what are all their dealings about. I am a commoner from Jhargram and Lalgarh is just 8 km away from my home. Please do not tell to the people of Jhargram and others Maoists' area at least that Maoists are'labelled impoverished from womb to tomb'. I do not know whether you follow Anandabazar. If you do, then please try to recall the news published few days back that in Bihar/Jharhand they have been divided because they can't follow the group anymore as some of the group leaders are safe by putting them in the battlefront and those leaders' children are privileged to have better education from convent school whereas the people who support Maoists are always under privileged and they are losing their lives, their family. People of Jhargram are standing in front of weapons. They are forced to do what Maoists wish! I am agree with you that the situation created because of govt. policy but I only want you to accept the fact that people who make the ground of any revolution have only a name that is 'soldier' and people who take the creme from milk are 'Maists','Naxals','CPM','CPI','TMC' and so on...they are just the different groups but they have one thing in common which is politics and of course their purpose is also common that is to capture the power...thats all. If you are interested you can read one of the articles of my blog where I have described what kind of problems people are facing due to Maoists' activity. I do not dream about revolution. I dream about having a pure heart because I believe that is the only key to resolve any kind of problem. To make a change violence is not always necessary which has been proved earlier in our history many times. Without violence also revolution can be done. People who are 'labelled impoverished from womb to tomb' are nothing but 'helpless Puppets' of any so called revolutionary political group, or in other words they are the only victims of a so called revolution! Because history says a true revolution doesn't need to cost peoples' lives but needs the concerns of the people who are involved in it! I am not so good writer neither I am too intellectual.But I know the problems very well being a victim of so called revolution and try to express them as much as I can.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

@ Dew Drops: First of all, thank you so much for paying a visit to my blog. Please do visit much often. I read your blog and wish to read more.

Dear friend, it is true that I do not belong to the area, however, one of my colleagues lives near the region and he is also a victim of such Maoist atrocities. To be fair enough, I have heard of the grim facts of life from that commoner's experience.

But, I did write against the "anti-human" government policy that actually is full of hypocrisy and devoid of love, which, I consider too, is the be-all and end-all of life.

Most topmost leaders, regardless of the fact which party they belong to, often build palaces, send their children to convent and shout for the welfare of the proletariats. They can churn whatever they want through this nauseating power politics which victimizes villages after villages. I never ever encouraged their brutal dictatorship. I have spoken of the commoners, whose dreadful death as a result of this revolution-triggered bloodbath makes my heart bleed.

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