seeking suggestions

I can't read any newspapers any more. I can't come to adjustments with the deal of political, gruesome, horrific and offensive news. Any good news or news of success is often pushed to the third or fourth page and thousands of pernicious news articles and rough-cut advertisements are boosted ahead to catch the placid eyes of the morning readers. Should I read them or leave them? Suggest a way-out!


Tom Stephenson said...

I don't read newspapers any more either. I haven't watched T.V. for over 25 years, but I do listen to BBC radio. I don't know what to suggest, R, as I think that bad news is getting worse. Today, much of it is coming from your neighbor, Pakistan - over the top of all the global terrorism accusations, yesterday there was the plane crash. At least a plane crash is final.

Jacqueline said...

My mother always read the newspaper from back to front...seemed to work for her.
Hubby and I only read them on the weekend. Sort of like a newspaper-diet, and they tend to put more 'good news' in the weekend edition.
We probably should all let the newspapers know why we aren't buying them anymore.

RA said...

The question is rather: how much do you need the news? :)

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