a few words to all bloggers on the friendship day...

Why do I put up a blog? Why do I read others'? Why don't I require a fabulous website? Why can't I go out and enjoy a candlelight dinner? Why can't I choose a tipsy leeway to slide into a nightclub? Why do I enjoy a great deal of my moments in front of my PC?

The answers are blowing in the wind...

The first Sunday of August is celebrated as the holiest of all days, the Happy Friendship Day!.

Who are friends? Should I draw a definition straight from my memory... "A friend in need is a friend in deed"? May

1. One loyal friends is worth ten thousand relatives. - Euripides

2. Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. - Aristotle

3. If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you. - Winnie the Pooh

4. The only way to have a friend is to be one. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I like to be surrounded by many friends. But I want to surround them more than my being surrounded. I scatter about my dancing shadows and jovial shades, sprinkle around interjections and exclamations and give shudder after shudder to them, who are just my friends. My fellow bloggers as well as followers have a range of 17 to 80 years. The range stuns me, awfully strikes me. The adolescents click on blogs, the youths gloat over blogs and the vintage suffer from blogs. Without blogging they can't give their days a good break. Such blog-maniacs they are! Go nowhere, here, to your friend, blogging often replaces breakfast!

Now, let me relate the quotes to my real life experience:

1. I found no relatives around during the days when my aunt was bedridden. Only I found my friends around me. A day's incident flashes on my mind. She had a very bad hospital experience. In our home, she was at peace to tragically enjoy her serious illness. They spent three long hours only to see her rise from sleep and whisper to her feeble ears a very simple question, "How are you feeling now?"

2. Out of college, swarms of familiar troubles started biting me. I have a friend, who croaked my heart by pressing me to teach a student on remuneration. Some days later, I came to know that he had been a faithful student of my friend, who did quit the job of private tuition for a noble cause to perform.

3. There was another friend of mine, so close to me that I could never scale any distance between us. While I was in school, a relationship started building between us. I never said, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day"? I only wished to widen, broaden, lengthen and strengthen our relationship as long as we live. She left me, on an Ashtami (an auspicious day during Festival of Durga), for ever. Breast cancer came closer to her. And, as a brilliant student, probably as a more brilliant friend of a petty student, she was awarded the scholarship of death.

4. Now, I have friends like you my blogger and non-blogger friends, my heartthrobs, to whom I dedicate my soul - simply as a friend!

Happy Friendship Day!


Tom Stephenson said...

Happy Friendship Day to you too, D! You are more generous with words than all the rest of us bloggers put together!

OfficeGirl said...

Happy Friendship day!!! I dont really have any friends because well, I too like my computer a little too much...Im okay with it though.
anyways...happy friendship day again!!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!

Ann said...

Happy belated friendship day.

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