my friend Graciela Sierra on Maradona

Here is a conversation with my friend Graciela Sierra, whom I have never seen, with whom I have shared many an evening... ceaseless sharing of each one's feelings about any topic or no topic filled my Empathy IM Client. It's a tribute to my facebook friend!

- Monday August 09 2010, 00:00 -

- Graciela Sierra, 00:00 -

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:02 -
Say something about Maradona

- Graciela Sierra, 00:02 -
poor thing
He is genius as a player
but he surrounded himself with obsequents that contribute to his downfall 

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:03 -

- Graciela Sierra, 00:04 -
It's a sad story
because he is not happy
after all the great things he received

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:05 -
I know that

- Graciela Sierra, 00:06 -
for some people over here he is like God and others despise him as an egotist

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:07 -
you are

- Graciela Sierra, 00:08 -
it's also sad because little kids look at him as a hero and they end up emulating the wrong qualities
as happens with other sportmen like tiger woods ..

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:09 -

- Graciela Sierra, 00:09 -
i am sure u have the same examples with cricket players

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:09 -
Shane Warne, Yuvaraj Singh

- Graciela Sierra, 00:11 -
they end up being victims of their own accolades and glory
Not everybody is ready to handle that kind of power

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:12 -
I agree with you

- Graciela Sierra, 00:15 -
That's why i always pray to only have the amount of power that i am able to handle

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:15 -
Power begets power

- Graciela Sierra, 00:16 -
Happy happy day
Here is children's day today

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:22 -
Enjoy with your kids

- Graciela Sierra, 00:23 -

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:23 -
I have to get up...

- Graciela Sierra, 00:23 -
I know dear. Have sweet DreAms!!!!!!

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:24 -

- Graciela Sierra, 00:24 -
and an AwEsOMe week!!!!

- Dibakar Sarkar, 00:24 -
thank you and namaste


Fickle Cattle said...

Maradona is hot. I think. If it's the same Maradona we are talking about.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

The God of Left foot...

Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting post! :)

Previous post : I liked the water filter, hand fan and the only flower basking in sun.

Ur writings are really very interesting. I enjoyed reading them.
Best wishes. :)

sleeping beauty said...

liked ur post .this is my first time here i hope to visit here more .good luck.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Thank you for having your eye, full of sleeping beauty, over here.

Graciela Sierra said...


I finally saw the link to post a comment...
Thanks Dibakar for the tribute. That's very kind of you.


Dibakar Sarkar said...

The subject herself has stumbled upon my blog.

It's my pleasure that you've succeeded to put your signature here.

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