the writing and the writer

There has always been a minute distance between the brim of a cup and the vermilion border of lips. However, it takes hour after hour for the border to reach the brim. A writer tells her/his pen to cascade ink across and along a white paper, or her/his fingers on any modern scientific appliance such as a computer. But as soon as the writing is done, the writer becomes dead.

But writing is poisonous. It spreads its poison in the writer's mind yet again. Another fresh writer is born with the impulsive reproduction occurred between the writer's mind and the writer's thinking. The pen or the handful of fingers like an incisor helps her/him give birth to a caesarean baby - the writing.

The writing is born. A child is given birth to. The mother/father is happy to see it. A little child, still having a foreign warmth, still having a fresh eyesight to discover the world.

The writing is now moved from one lap to another. It is hucked and hugged, compressed and caressed, valuated and evaluated. The writer along with her/his pen looks out. The child is a property of others by this time. It grows not, but grows its vicinity. It is walked for a certain number of days, and then it walks by itself, and then it walks on and on.

The writer looks out. She/He is old now. She/He counts its age on her trembling palms. Once torn off, the writing comes back ever. Conspiring with the cloud and cloudlet, the sun and the sunlet, the moon and the moonlet, it walks on and on through a jungle of appraisals.

The writer, one day, dies. The writing, that day, spreads even more than it has spread before. The writer is engraved. The writing takes to a living on the writer's memory. Here, by this time, the writer of the writing rises from the tomb with a view to authoring a new child...


Dave King said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, it has been instrumental in me finding yours! I've had a scroll through and enjoyed the variety and the apt observations. I shall be returning.

Anonymous said...

A good comparison of writing with the life and writer. Keep up the writing.

Avi said...

This is Divine. I'm actually numb now. In such simple, touching words you've brought out the essence of the entire universe of art and creativity itself.

How true, we are not the doers! Just small, humble instruments in the hands of He who is the real creator. And the only reality is the work we create, which lives on long after we've gone...

I LOVE the way you've made this immortal truth come alive. Wow! I'm a fan :)

PLEASE keep writing! I'll keep reading, I promise :)

God Bless :)

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