... an appeal to bloggers and music-lovers

Dear Bloggers and Music-lovers,

I have indited a lyric of a still-unborn song and placed for all of you who treasure love for music. I humbly request all of you to set it to tune.

Let me explain to you why I have I chosen this task.

It has been my age-old desire to build up a strong relationship with music lovers. In our global life, nothing is everlasting except music, love and relationship. However, everything pass from physical life with the event of dying. So, before our death, to be very practical, let us turn every relationship into music. It is the very truth of this planet, where "ignorant armies clash by night" still, when, at the same time, they forget, "... mortal millions live alone". 

Besides, million hearts have million ways to express their sense of beauty. With your tuneful endeavour we all may get the pictures of these different ways of calling love love.

So, tune it from the bottom of your heart.

.......... [here goes] .......................................

Nothing is with you. Nothing is without you.
Nothing sparks life. Nothing sparks like dew.

Nothing dies for now. Nothing lives for ever.
Nothing floats here. Nothing sinks ever.

Nothing is so loud. Nothing is so soft.
Nothing is blown down. Nothing is hung aloft.

Nothing is to foul. Nothing is to fair.
Nothing is to hide. Nothing is to share.

Nothing is known. Nothing is unknown.
Nothing is seeded. Nothing is unsown.

It happens, happens to the life
of a well-known song,
which sings out a dove
... in the tune of love

which sings out a dove
... in the tune of love

which sings out a dove
... in the tune of love

.......... [end] .......................................

Kindly send me a copy of the song at sarkar.dibakar@gmail.com whenever you have finished with the tuning process. Don't forget to mention YOUR NAME and COUNTRY, your blog/website if you have any. Surely shall I post all the sacred compositions on my blog and approach many others to make them listen to it.

A small request: Remember, I am not at all going to do any sort of business with your endeavour. It's just to get flooded with musical deluge.

I am holding my breath in anticipation...

Musically yours,


Sunil Deepak said...

D that is dangerous, asking like that. I love music and love to sing. But modestly I recognise that I am no great singer. You want me to murder your masterpiece with my clumsy and croaky voice? :)

Dibakar Sarkar said...

@ Sunil Deepak: It's not at all dangerous. Please have a try and send it to my email address. And those two adjectives will not stand by your tuneful notes... Go ahead!

Sunil Padiyar said...

Nice idea and I must say, nice lyrics :) Hope you get some good tunes, do upload them somewhere when you get.. I am not sure about me putting a tune to this.. if I try and get it done, wil surely send it across ;)

বৃষ্টি বিলাসিনি said...

Love the lyrics :) hopefully you get some awesome
tunes across the globe.

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