then i am named homelessness

i see several fires lick with their tongues
all houses of envy and desire

i see several winds
beg the waifs a few drops of breathing

i see several waters
crystallize the arc of rainbow

i see several rivers
flow with their majestic disease of current

i see everything look into everything

still my country burns... still other countries bleed


lakeviewer said...

Powerful. Touching. Well done

Jenn said...

I saw Slumdog Millionaire because of your poll last week. I didn't known anything about it before that (I am woefully out of touch with all things mass entertainment). Anyway, I was just wondering what you thought of it. Is it an accurate representation of some people's experience in India, do you know?

Jenn said...


I like your poem, btw. It reminds me of slave-writers fighting, futile, against terrible powers, but with only the tools (the culture) that those terrible powers provided them with, because they know nothing else.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Imagery and poignancy combine in this poem to touch the heart in a very real way. Loved it.

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