... in this postcard pic

In this postcard pic, captured you and I
lonely leaves journeying, with no more passer-by

Yet, some queries pop up in this postcard pic,
breasts are heaving high, sunken children lick

pearls of divine glands of a mother, sad, forlorn –
... in this postcard pic, true love, still unknown

Off the snapshot, now, I'm standing dim and bleak
when you are busy feeding, in this postcard pic

Stare not, Feeble Eyes! They stab me in my face
... in this postcard pic, if love I find loveless

I left you, though you not, in this postcard pic,
I thought to seek you like the moon that sunrays seek

The joyful tale of sadness brings in lovelorn pleasure,
sans a true separation, love is hard to measure

Love is love plus something beyond love, that I know
So long it is nurtured, vibrations rise and flow

In this postcard pic, hence captured you and I
who are lonely leaves, now unknown passers-by


Raksha Bhat said...

Very nice..kind of nostalgic:)

Anonymous said...

wonderful piece of writing, an innocent girl... who fails to realise that her world has changed for ever from now on ... on this un-fateful day...that tinge will be a pain all through out her life... had a similar exp when my uncle died in prime of his health... :|

Anonymous said...

oops i commented on wrong post...

Nandita Prakash said...

u need to grow in love to know what is love
i can see that maturity for sure
heartfelt lines
loved them

simran said...

Beautiful ...
Liked your blog and post too :)
Thanks for visiting to my blog and suggestion!
I m your follower :)
Keep Writing dear!

pramod said...

very touching one.
nice take.

Anonymous said...

There ya go- I commented now. Happy?? Stop spamming on the inditalk section please? That will be AWESOME!!!111

Jennifer said...

"Love is love plus something beyond love"

Where do you come up with these sorts of lines? You do realize you're brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece of work. You deserve the applause.

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Arpana said...

A good expressed love-still with longing.lovely!

Sumit Sarkar said...

"Love is love plus something beyond love, that I know
So long it is nurtured, vibrations rise and flow"...

These lines are perfect..

Love the poem a lot :)

Gizmo-King said...

Nicely narrated post:)

A said...

Spellbinding depiction of love. Love that cannot be detached through physical separation. Love that derives pleasure in giving and only giving. Unconditional love unbound by age and time. Postcard Pic captures this perpetual bond of love between a mother and her children. When the world around seems so far away, so unfamiliar, a look back into this kind of love bring in fulfillment and solace. Only a true artist can fathom such depths of love plus something beyond love and carve out such a masterpiece. Hats off.

Sadiya Merchant said...

well captured :)

Shadow said...

sometimes all we need is a postcard to remind us... very nice!

PsycheBubbles said...

Lovely. I am a die hart poetry fan, and ur blog is just the place to be. Lovely, artistic and very well thought out posts!

Keep sharing! :)

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