the master of errors and the whipping boy - part II

The state of my ill-being has at last come to be a closed chapter. The student was acquitted of all charges. The Head of the Institution has confessed that there was a serious error in picking the wrongdoer. The student's parents, though dynamic in saving their child, were immersed in anxiety. They felt relieved. The teacher who had rapped him in the neck was all smiles, as if, nothing had happened. There was no sign of their vitriolic temperament.

It is said, and I have experienced too, love is infectious. It stands like a corridor between a teacher and a student. Often a little rebuke of a good teacher makes a student learn millions of pages of life. The rebuke is drawn out of similar affection that rests in a teacher's heart for the student. And in an education system, where learners and deprived most and are still caned/trounced, a teacher-student relationship is not built up.

Now, the teachers should learn a lesson. A little mistake can destroy a child's life.

The student is still down with dismay, since his soul has been cut into pieces. Yesterday, he came to our house. He broke down. I saw him shuddering more out of the unexpected cruelty than out of fear. He was somewhat unmindful. His mother told me that he relives the actions of cruelty at night.

Till the day before yesterday, I loved the student. After yesterday, love has drawn me to the student. I said nothing about what had happened and went on inquiring about the latest news of IPL.

I know he will soon get over his emotional wound and dance into life.

The world is a book, where people and places are the chapters. And we know, at least, we should, that any reading turns up to be a true reading when our affection understands each letter, word and sentence. Here lies the truth. If students are ignored, I may conclude, what we see in the figures of teachers, are but the living corpses with dead souls.


flying eagle woman said...

the resilience of humanity is astounding...strength in youth is healing - where once this young child was cut to pieces, strong resolve will grow...
thanks for the post - it served as a deep reminder of many things
:-) Shawna

RA said...

"The world is a book, where people and places are the chapters." This is true on so many levels. I just wish we all could read those chapters with our hearts, and read them out loud with love for those who cannot read.
Thank you for shring this. :)

Farila said...

I am glad the error was at least finally corrected if not avoided...

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