on a black friday with a team of political animals

It was a depressing black Friday for all of us when a gang of rowdy students thronged into our school and went upstairs with rolling and rollicking freedom. The students, led by a 12th-standard student of our school, are politically padded.

Two days... only two days left before the Guardians' election!

On the ground floor, when they passed by a room, where a lady teacher was engrossed in teaching the 10th standard students, the boy kicked open the door with his cutting-age insolence. He aired a threat that nobody would trace her out after the guardians' election was over. He went on questioning on her teaching ability too. She was dumbfounded and was shocked at the student's curt disposition, and reported the incident to the Head of our institution straightaway.

The HM sent for the student and dealt amicably with him so that his intention got a let-out. The AHM tried to ebb his anger. We got upset that nothing was done to the student except sharing with him a few mealy-mouthed words.

Two days... only two days left before the Guardians' election. Threat is hovering, anger is brewing up between political parties and tension is mounting. Living with studies and around teachers has turned into a secondary affair now and political campaigning without political wisdom carried out by school-level students has appeared to be the grimmest of all menaces.

When the school ended, the HM sat with us to consider the whole situation and as part of a step-by-step procedure (that delays everything!) the helpless we came to a unanimous decision that the day's experience would be lettered to the Honourable Secretary of our school.

I came back downcast, stupefied, and was ridiculed by my own dignity. I don't know what actions will be taken against him, or how far it would be legal to penalize him... I am thinking of something else, something not so smooth as we are thinking of now.

Students are egged on to subscribe to politics. Politicians put them up as a useful part of instrumental politics. It's a disappointing truth, but truth after all, that weapons, money, wine and often call girls are provided for to serve and deserve vested interests. When the political dogfight is over, the students become "elements" - infectious agents in the field of education - viruses of democracy. Therefore, they are readily quarantined. Those who manage to reappear from the ashes, metamorphose into Frankensteins, and destroy their creators.

Why are we all drifting the students away?


Tom Stephenson said...

How strange this story is. Things like this may happen in British schools, but it would never be to do with politics.

Mishree said...

Hmm.it is strange,yet true,the way young minds are influenced and prodded in wrong directions such as unhealthy politics.every day,when I travel,I see these multi-coloured posters heralding some small-time 'leader' or the other,and most of the faces barely even seem to have hit puberty.and yet,they are secure ,or at least believe they are secure,in the knowledge that their careers have been defined and cemented in the field.but i guess that is what power does to us.power,no matter how hollow and incompetent,gives us a certitude...that life can't go wrong,no matter how wrong we are.and nothing can really arrest that mindset,sadly.

keep writing,friend!

Tom Stephenson said...

I heard you the first time, Mishree...

Mishree said...

sorry,was some technical error :P

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