no one knows my pain
my pain knows no one
... this is how the battlefield is defined

a surface-to-air missile is thrown before
it is christened - Trishul
... this is how the worship is defined

after an earthquake, a child still quakes
from down the soil and clay and mud
... this is how hope is defined

why did you kill him?
kill? - No man! Just forced him to commit suicide
... this is how a confession is defined

each birth is a soliloquy
each soliloquy is a new birth
... this is how relationship is defined

you and I come to the starting point
where his and her two ends promise to meet
... this is how love is defined

a poor man is poor to his bloodless veins
he prepares to sell his spine
... this is how surrender is defined

any academic council abridges a writing
ears no aural, eyes no visual, body no heart
... this is how hatred is defined

the gun is dead before a victim
the silence mops both birthmark and stain
... this is how difference is defined

often a child pleads for a plaything
on getting it, in memory of it...
he returns a smile
she returns a smile
it returns a smile

... this is how life is defined


Jennifer said...

I love that you're posting more often, Dibakar. Your writing is great.

Saras said...

Brilliant writing! Deep and rich in content. Very well written.

Naveen said...

very thoughtful and meaningful..really well written.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Thank you Jennifer, Saras, Naveen for commenting on the poem. Visit again... or all time.

flying eagle woman said...

brilliant and rich like deep cool soil...i haven't been by for awhile but ohhhh how i'm glad i stopped!

Dibakar Sarkar said...

It's my pleasure to find you in my blogmos!

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