TYD - a dream device with iyP technology

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Increase Your Patience - the world-wide acclaimed iYP technology has come yet again to booze your heart with a brilliant idea of a more brilliant device, called Translate Your Desire, TYD. Have your thirst quenched right below:

[A] Description of TYD in brief: It is a production of iYP technology! It is having the likeness as shown in the picture:

(1) Start button (green)
(2) Stop button (red)
(3) input / display board [*VTD+**DTS]
(4) output / translate your desire
(5) iYP clock

It's a device that will translate your desire into reality, a product you have always dreamt of, but on what exact time, you don't know. No fear! It will make an array of innocent products and offer them as a gift increment to a modern man's desire.

[B] How it will work: 

Step I: Suppose, you think to have an apple right at this hour. Then, switch on the device.

Step II: Click on the *VTD (Voice-Track Directory). 

Step III: Introduce yourself. Done! Fantastic! 

[Here, flashes another window, called **DTS (Desire-Track Segment). The segment requires only the word/phrase related to your desire you want to translate.]

Step IV: Now, pipe out "APPLE". Remember, one desire at a time.

Step V: The device will now lock your desire and engage itself to produce the best apple in the world. 

Step VI: It will start creating an array of innocent products. Be sure of hoarding them at first... guava, saccharine, turnip, sugar, carrot... and a lot more...!

Step VII: Sit back lazily and wait for the arrival of the best apple you have ever dreamt of.

[C] Caution:

1. Since the device needs power only at the time of start, you cannot stop it once it gears on its production.
2. You must have time to stand and stare and collect the whole things produced at a period of industrial time. The device will stop only after the desired result comes out.

[D] Aim of iYP: It's a humanity project, and therefore, it is here only for you. It is to make you think that you are quite occupied with the use of technological devices today. And with the overuse of technological appliances and getting product in no time have stolen away your ability to keep on patience, which, as a human being, you must have.

[E] Cost: It's a humanity project, and therefore, it is an opensource device. It will be launched at a free of cost.



A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hi there! first time on your blog, quite like the different theme u have!

about the device u have invented( since u desired for it!) is fabulous! Does it read our mind too?!

All the best!(and i am following you)


Mandip said...

ah!what an invention BY D.M! can it produce abstract things?????????? if yes,then it would definitely rock the whole world. although it rocks us in our minds. hope u invent a similar rocking device in near future..........M.P

brandMARIO said...

Hi, I'm an Indiblogger. Plz vote for "Pee for Petrol" on http://digs.by/c6CRNr I bet u'll like it. I voted for you too :-)

namit said...

wow..nice device...and if you look at a picture picture we all need it somehow...n yeah ur blog title is kinda interestin.. :)

do visit http://i-am-a-man-namit.blogspot.com/2010/08/fantasy-fone.html

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