Au revoir, Suchitra Mitra - the iris of Tagore's song

I can't absorb the shock as yet. I absorb almost everything, but in terms of union with the sense of separation I am still a tyro.

The death of Suchitra Mitra has given me a shock – shock not in the sense that she was to rise above earthly years but in the sense that I have lost her.

Rabindranath's song creates a tremulous cadence inside my blood. It always escorts me through my deepest desire or despondency, lilting love or lethargy. Suchitra Mitra wore the pharynx of Rabindranath. She has shown the force borne by soulful spirituality and immortal magnanimity.

I was made mad by her melodious mightiness

In my childhood days, I had been fascinated by a Krishnakali, for whom my soul cried out often, tears brimmed over my eyes...

The Rabindranath was given a unique taste of voice through the Suchitra. Through this blog I want to dedicate my heart to that unique voice and bid sayonara to the all-time legend who kidnapped my attention since my passion for Rabindranath's song was born.

I feel now I have partly absorbed the shock of Suchitra Mitra's passing away, as she has absorbed me wholly.
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