... from a teacher's corner to the students cornered (Part I)

The scenario of West Bengal students is very gloomy nowadays. It is more eclipsed than the situation we experienced almost 15 years back. The scenario in the last couple of years has quite been a sabotage from within. And in this sabotage, we are destroying our students' being and becoming. (It's a case summary that will follow the detailed diagnosis in the coming segments.)

Unitization of syllabus has realized all sorts of leisure from them. One extra period has been appended to the school hours, and therefore, students find no time to enjoy an open-air playground battle. In addition, they are always fastened with their heavy backpacks. On the other hand, parents are more anxious than students themselves. They always suffer from the rat-race.

Schedule of a WB student:
Coming to school between 10:30-10:45 AM, attending classes, going back home after 4:30 PM, hurrying to private tutors and sleeping like a log at night are the time-tortured schedule of a student. They have no time to study at home. They have no time to garbage down phuchkas. They have no time to “stand and stare”.

Role of teachers:
We, the developers of education, are acting as contaminants of education. We are scissoring the delicate filagrees of students' imagination, heartfelt talks and hilarity. We consume their formative years in a ruthless manner. Coming to school at 10:45 AM, spoiling their time, presuming the forthcoming percentage of D.A., spilling sorrows over the watered-away expectation of arrears. They usually navigate through the clicking and ticking of the clock and go back home disappointed, making others feel they are lost in a maze of work. This mentality of a group of teachers leaves rifts in the spreading of education. They explode emotion regarding others, at the same time, remain too phlegmatic to think about a student. If someone tries to do something, others bring forth opportunities to create a state of fun and loathsome mockery about and around her/him.

Students lack interest in both boring lectures and unit tests. Continuation of this process makes them forget the way to comport with others. They always remain disturbed, restless always. They live on foul mouth and foul gestures. Besides, relentless caning is still going on, as if prisoners are lambasted. This causes an air of didaskaleinophobia nowadays.

This is what I call “teaching humans and making beasts”. It is certain, therefore ascertained.

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