... love and sex

Much have I been asked on my sudden disappearance from the blog world. Contrary to all my everyday feelings, I was in search of a geometrically defined angle that is formed by two non-geometrical feelings, called Love and Sex.

A female is the gloriole of a male. Any male becomes man when a female touches him and as an effect of the skin senses, the female also becomes woman. Hereupon, he is beatified and she, beautified. Man's artery responses to woman's vein. The gush of blood, the pounding of heart, the breathlessness in certain awe, the tension, and an afflictive sadness are all but the symptoms of getting drawn to the opposite. The moment a woman feels he is hers, she is desirous of having a body contact game with him. The physical contact is the be-all and end-all of a coiled relationship. Love is love – an alchemy of relations – one is both prefixed and suffixed with another. In love, life seems to be as lengthened and descriptive as a novel, as short and electrifying as a short story, as sacred and moving as death, as speechless and vast as the earth.

Sex is taken for the ultimate safari. Sex, if bad, is nothing but a man-made erosion of soil. In bad sex, wife is a consumer. However, true sex makes love stronger and gives it a new dimension. It is something like anything good that is strikingly disappearing from our society and vehemently destroyed by the awful industrial proliferation. It is a grim fact that no one can anchor oneself in politics for tenaciously long hours even though one carries a political identity. Our political situation is so promiscuous that it leads us nowhere.

The majority of human beings are too corporately networked to respond to their everyday feelings. They never ask their family members how they are and always condone this act of infidelity. They repeat this act. Their interaction takes the sms route. Each moment, everywhere, they lose seriousness. Since, love entails in sex, the corporate victims find respite in gasping sex. In my opinion, this is flawless insincerity. This is flawless as they disregard everything in an adroit manner. They need to see the hand of speedometer rushing at a breakneck speed. This is insincerity because they cash every relationship like that of an LIC policy. If they can't avert themselves from this petty minter's thinking, how would they establish the relationship between two human atoms? A little gossip, done seriously and hilariously, is more effective than a ho-hum speech. For example, in politics, a philippic or a talkathon crushes everything, whereas a pep talk is immediately given a unanimous acceptance.

I don't know why I have factored in the power game called politics. I was good at talking seriously on two human beings. It seems I have introjected the power game into my consideration due to a certain cause – the cause of maladjustment with today's politics. Our politics has become an example of brutal sex. It is played upon the common who can't enjoy it any longer. There is an immense crisis of love. Without love, anything is worthless. Therefore, life – the experience of being alive – is also worthless sans love.

Even a family can be formed by creating a loveless storm on bed. It is preoccupied with the ideation of setting one's passion aflame and hunting flesh to every bit. Still love has neither duplicate nor photocopy nor any other forgery that be made. It is greater than the hunting intromission for a bed-sheet cannot wrap two human beings for ever... for after... for ever after. A man and a woman respond to good vibrations even after their everyday charivari. Eventually, love needs four hands to have a laundered bed-sheet hung on a cord basking in the sun, a tube of ointment to cool off one's pain caused by a firebrand and a heart-warming confession after a long separation, “... missed you a lot.”

It is a magic that only life has a larger-than-life concept. And this concept brings two human atoms close to each other. They meet, often cross, often stay together to yield the angle, the inclination of one line to another.


Bonnie said...

as galileo said all truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.and here it seems you carried a lens into bedroom,and searched from soul to soul to write this piece.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Thanks Bonnie...:-)

Where is your blog, dear?

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