... the second 150-word novel

Two homes

A bang of a cup of tea on the bedside table woke her up. She divorced her quilt and tottered down still with tired eyes.

Horribly fragile! She strained her eyes and closely looked into the mirror. What! 3 PM! 9 AM! The team of grannies must have been very angry with her. A Ludo tournament was scheduled at 8:30 AM. Oh heavens! Things must have started.

The first match was postponed since this granny was too late to play. It was rescheduled on the day after. This time granny was pressed to use the most weird alarm clock.

KriiiIIinnNnGg! The granny couldn't wake up. The cup slipped! The maid was even louder than the clock... She left the “Grannies' Old Age Home” dumbstruck.


Son's bedchamber. The computer's monitor was flashing. There was a book in the download queue... “The Autobiography of My Mother” by Rosellen Brown.

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