... crying for help

Dear friends,

I have cried for help to some of my facebook friends, and even to those whom I know not personally. Here is pasted the same cry.

My aunt is suffering from Cancer and it has stamped its horrors from the uteri to the lungs. Following the suggestions of doctors, we have admitted her into Subodh Mitra Memorial Cancer Research Centre and Hospital at Salt Lake in Kolkata.

I admit that doctors are the stand-alone figures in this field. However, I put forth this request to all of you in quest of a new trust for life.

Suggest a research centre or hospital where cancer is best treated and chemotherapy is best done. No question that we have already got wind of many. But I personally request to those who have had such miraculous experiences that tell the return of their cancer-cursed kins to the normal feed and flow of life.

We know things have gone beyond and are mentally prepared for the worst, yet we hope for something, paradoxical maybe, that can extend her life.


Mukesh said...

One of the good cancer hospital i know is "Research and Referral Hospital (R & R) Delhi. New Delhi-10 (Near Dhaula Kuan).
I wish the very best of luck for aunty and pray to good for her wellness.

magiceye said...

the tata memorial cancer hospital in mumbai is well known but am not in a position to compare it with others..

my best wishes to your aunt... godspeed her recovery

Loni said...

My thoughts go out to you and your family. I wish I could suggest somewhere, but I'm not in the same country. I hope you find a great cancer treatment centre.

Glynis Jolly said...

Dib --
Have you asked the doctors if they are in touch with other cancer center? Usually they all work together because there's more hope for success.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Thanks everybody for your solemn suggestions.

Anonymous said...

As far as i know, i think "Research and Referral Hospital (R & R) Delhi might well be one of the best.

May god bless Aunt with a blissful and ailment free life!

Tulika Verma said...
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Tulika Verma said...

My grandfather had cancer, and he was treated at Tata Memorial, Mumbai. But it was many years back. Wish your aunt a speedy recovery, and a lot of strength to her, you and your family to cope with the situation. God bless!

gael lynch said...

Here in America, most would say Sloane-Kettering in NYC is one of the best in the world. I'm certain your country has many great hospitals as well. My own sister was treated at Sloane, and so was a dear friend of mine. The doctors there were certainly on top of all that was available at the time. Cancer is an awful disease. I'll keep your aunt in my prayers!

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