... a moan on National Education Day

In West Bengal, education has no other derivative but a division-making policy in society and has long played a role of drawing demarcation between social beings so far. The education inculcated in students of Bengali medium is just a shade of education, a melancholy of education, and often, a stale food of hypocrisy. To be fair or unfair, students go into the institutions with a view to learning something and pass out with and As a teacher, I can't find ways to rub off the layers of hypocrisy from this system.

Today is National Education Day. We would gurgle with these three words as a supreme consolation to ourselves.

We desire to hobnob with the elite of the society. Today some Rahul came in my sleep and I shuddered to rise. Who is this chap?
  • a weak fellow of Class V
  • does classwork carefully
  • does homework every day
  • a bruise on the left elbow, left long-untreated
  • one shirt washed at the weekend
  • deprived of father since childhood
  • his mother works as a scrubber
  • his brother battles to run a tea-stall

Rahul is part of the Right to Education Act ~ THE GAZETTE OF INDIA EXTRAORDINARY, Page 2 / Part II: (e) "child belonging to weaker section".

On the last 5th September, Teachers' Day, this fellow came as early as possible with his dirt-soiled shirt and stood in front of a queue to take a look at Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was hauled by the hand to the end of the queue as his shirt dispersed no surf-excel whiteness.

This Rahul, the target of our communist culture and culture-born education, has lost all strength to belt him up and to fight against his traumas. Had our country had any sanative education policy, we the teachers would have been wise and would have encouraged Rahul to follow the steps of education.

Today is another day related to education and I am afraid, dismayed and hurt.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad – the first Education Minister of our country! Please read this story, hear the groan of the little fellow and rise again as others are short of hearing the cry.

Should there be any significance of such day when the total education system is crippling the right of a child and brutal teachers go scot-free?

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