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The 2011 October was a brilliant month for me as everything went against me and I also went against everything. To be precise, life was as same as it was in the October of the last year. This rolling of time has made my electrical pen go dry of thinking with threefold sledging. “The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes has sledged – transported – my thinking into a no writer's land and again sledged – hammered – my arid brain.

What's the third sledging?

The Dynamic views of my blog has been a great experience for me. What can I have more than having such a rock-solid structure of a blog? It was so recherche that I became fixed to its depth for a number of days. But this new view became a hazard for some of my readers whose PC-s are lagging behind the march of time. Their Mozilla would either take a long time to show it or get the readers' patience frozen to time. It never happens with Linux for its upgrade is a demand child of open-source love. The widgets also went away with this new view. The Google Teams are working with this adventurous look too. We look forward to a great new beginning in front of me.

When I was about to enlist the uniform resource locator (url) of any novel blog to my favourite blog-zone, IndiBlogger, the link was unexpectedly given a refusal. This problem persisted with a number of posts since then for it was an instance of broken rss feed. The monthly rank broke out N/A. No, I was not cast down at this ranking, but I was certainly disturbed with the technical problems that dazzled up with the new look.

I sensed an ending to this endless embarrassment...

Dismayed by this constant combat of viewing and getting viewed, posting and getting read, I teased and titivated my blog once again and the procedure of this new look is still going on.

It's time to sledge down the sorrows of a blogizen! The sense of an ending has carried the ideas of promises of prospect beyond the end... Readers can read my blog without submitting to technical troubles from now on.

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