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Happy New Year

It's time for me to carry on mistakes like 01/01/11 for a number of days as it needs a few days more to adapt myself to the fresh fragrance of 2012.

I could neither write anything nor post something memorable at regular intervals due to some unavoidable circumstances. Today, I have clicked a snap of a woollen seat for all my readers and co-bloggers.

This soft seat was gently knitted by my mother river-long ago. I feel myself sanctified to have a seat on it and eat before going to my school. On this new year's day, I request my readers to have an imaginative seat on it. The woollen seat is theoretically mine, but practically the silent art belongs to everyone. Smell the past, sense the busy yarn ends and sing the paean of the all-time great womanhood ~ anew.

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A said...

Wonderful tapestry of colors and designs. A finesse of ethnic beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. A creation that unleashes the vast potential of woman.

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