... when flowers make flowers

Last year, we went to enjoy a three-day drama workshop. Away from our busy town, swinging on the laptop of Nature, we were in a festive mood to cleanse ourselves of the civic rubbish and know ourselves a little better. The workshop was replete with children of different ages. And if you find buddies like these little ones, your joy will know no bounds. Here is a day's evening activity, which was collaged with the spectacles of life and colourful origami. Photos were clicked by Arnab Sengupta, my friend.

This little girl was captured at her careful scissoring through a paper. She was too engrossed to towel the dust off her knee.

Once made, nothing matters, but making matters a lot. The absorption is hinted at this fact that creation is just a victim of beauty. Slowly had they made the stem...

Red flowers, blue stems, yellow sleeves and children at their deft hands...

Look at the absorbed eyes and feel the density of her thinking! Who could excel her in terms of concentration?

Flowers are one of the soothing creations of the world. Children are no way less soothing. They are born to make the adult think of their inner impurities. When children smile, flowers bloom; when flowers bloom, the creation smiles. Here is a flower, whose smile after success, flowers.

Here we see, the flowers are kept in the vase, a toilet mug indeed. They did not drop their heads. The night, though thickened with swarthiness, was embalmed with red, bluey and purple aroma of flowery origami.


A said...

Lovely flowers in bloom. The concentration and diligence of the human flowers in making those paper flower art is a great learning for us all. U have done a great job by encouraging them in such creative activity and by also allowing us to soak in the blissfulness through this write-up.

Anonymous said...

` When children smile, flowers bloom; when flowers bloom, the creation smiles

so beautiful lines makes me emotional.feel like sobing with happiness.

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