... picture-laden

Is this a commercial amalgamation successfully done for commercial benefit?

The above picture of Laden is a well-known one, much viewed over internet and on TV. The picture shows him with his visage clearly.

The above picture is of some dead man. I don't know whether he dealt in terror. Whatever it was, I can see his face, completely bruised and marred with blood-curds.

Now, look at the picture above. This one is certainly a mixture of the earlier two; cooked genuinely of the two to make a fake. It reeled my mind! I'm purely picture-laden, news-laden... and Laden-laden.

What a world! We can do anything for popularizing ourselves... and to boost our Target Rating Point. Shame!

[Courtesy: Google, Wareye]


Harish said...

I too felt it is a fake when I saw it, yet I feel the news is true.

Deepika said...

i knew it! i so knew it!i was having this 'no' feeling in mind... something didn't look right and thats it!what do they get doing all this.. making a international 'fake' news??

Tom Stephenson said...

Hmm... interesting. I would have thought that they would have brought the body of Bin Laden back to the USA to hang on a lamp-post too, but no. They dumped it at sea, for reasons of 'respect for the Islamic tradition', and - apparently - because Saudi Arabia would not take it.

Oh, how I hate conspiracy theories.

Tom Stephenson said...

I have checked, Dibakar, and those photos are definitely fakes, put out by publicity mongers. There is no conspiracy, just lack of photographs, that's all.

A said...

Good image morphing skills to deceive the mass. The digital abuse may be a boon for some. Popular marketing strategies drown the moral sense of right and wrong. Cool points Obama though in a fake way. Hapless

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