... please, don't talk over phones while travelling

It is impossible for me to endure the shock of a student's death. I have documented this before. Today, while I went out for school and was about to ship myself on the railway platform, a monologue of death came in from every corner. A schoolboy of Class VI was mauled to death by a down train hieing into platform number one.

I was forced to have a look at the boy, and now, carefully steer myself from describing the state he was in. The earthly shadow of the student was soon shrouded by railway officials.

There was an inquisitive flow of mass upon the platform, near the silent body, and hoo-hah over his death, deficiency of being a good student, lack of alertness, not being a good listener of horn and carrying a mobile phone as well as the headset filled the lips of opinion-charmers.

Shockingly, the student was silent.

Where was his father? Where was his mother? I couldn't see anybody.

I could see only his school-bag exposed in the sun... too distanced to meet its owner once more in its lifetime.

The student, who was not totally with him, perhaps had lost the power to carry mobiles.


Deepika said...

We can't entirely blame cellphones... Can we?

jayaar said...

The one you had mentioned in your article is one of the many incidents of the same type. So pathetic...... How could this be avoided? Do we need some strict law and order to stop people from using mobile while they are on the move? Actually, these incidents make us sleepless for many days and these tragedies initiate negative thoughts.....

atlasshrugged said...

This is a good post to increase the awareness among people who love listening to music in Mumbai locals. I was one of them but not anymore.

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