... above all colours is black&white

Do not take flight with too many colours... as thronging of too much RGB fades authority and purity, power and innocence and above all the colours of joy... the joy of living.

One day I, a man of lurid luminance, wrote Rabindranath Tagore on Gimp and after making a few tricks saw it become like the following one:

Then I walked a pencil on it to turn it into...

Then suddenly the neon - the hallmark of civil dazzle appeared before my very eyes

Fallen in a quagmire of duality this corrosive fellow at first kept Rabindranath unlined, and therefore, came to a decision of making him seamless...

... as he had seamed the vintage past of India in his brilliant essays and effulgent poems.

But beyond his writing and inspiration I had to do something novel and purely cataclysmic... so I pushed him behind a haze of clouds...

and played another trick by thrusting him into some amazing circles...

... so that my future generations might not get enriched by his literary cornucopia and run with the spinning globe of consumerism, fanaticism and bigotry.

I died having imparted me pell-mell and leaving my novel idea of destruction in future generation. Rabindranath became an illusion to them... with the residue of a number of stolid books often displayed in bookshelf to divide them from the branches of society with the scale of insensible wisdom.

On our painted walls we hung him, almost hanged him as we had been learnt, to show our respect for golden old. We were so obedient and colourful that we didn't forget to show our respect, sorry, modifying a little, respect our shows...

The man became corroded from being hung, hanged, hung, not sure, for that long period. How long, I didn't know...

Rabindranath, however, never left us for he was always there to grant us leave - leave granted for making room in our mind and part of that room a mirror.

We dived into our hearts... and saw Tagore's reflection in our lucent blood.

He became luminous in society, more lambent in societal relationship, much nitid in sufferings, driving away the concepts of clumsy and aureate colour of making life appear what it is not at all...

Colour of wisdom came... in just black and white... to glorify his portrait and portray his glory.

Psychology tells: Black is the colour of authority and power. White symbolizes innocence and purity. Red is a sign of passion, often valour. Pink has been given the attribute of the most romantic colour. Blue suggests loyalty with perseverance. Green is out for refreshment and relaxation. Good use of yellow can enhance attention. Purple symbolizes luxury and sophistication. Brown connotes genuineness with sadness at times.

If you listen to many and speak to a few, you may come home to a marvellous ending by the day's end:

The children like colourful balls and balloons... The teens like blue, red, brown, purple, black, green etc. They come out aloud for getting mixed with colours and hiding themselves in ultra-stylish dresses of different colours. The middle-aged avoid too much colour and the old become white and their liking tends to black... absorbing all life forces of other colours.

Since age always ages and colours always age, one day they all pass away, responding to the mutability of the terra firma. Then and then only, colour is defined to be black and white put together. Black and white is the only colour combination, the combination of authority and purity; power and innocence of which combination can make you fix any colour or propel your feelings to fly high and become more joyous.

So, do not take flight with too many colours... claim your maturity, proclaim your identity and glorify your identity-maker in black&white only.

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Alcina said...

Wow..this was indeed a thoughtful post..I liked the way you pointed out what we are loosing and yet not making it stand as mistake and making us realize that there is still time if we care..

And the theory is still playing my mind..don't really know what to say about it..

wonderful write-up!

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